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Mission Statement

If you or your child is not living your best, joyful life due to any of the following, Dr. Raj Loungani at Enhance Psych can work with you to maximize your performance, happiness, and quality of life: difficulty focusing or completing important tasks; being too hyper/fidgety “as if driven by a motor;” impulsivity leads to trouble; worrying through the day/night or having times of panic from specific fears or past traumatic experiences; feeling depressed or irritable with mood swings; poor self-esteem or body image; difficulties with sleeping, eating, or energy level; want better relationships, understanding yourself, and to find more meaning/purpose in life.

Dr. Raj works collaboratively with children, teens, adults and families by providing the highest quality evidence-based, compassionate care through a combination of medication management and personalized integrative therapy, including ketamine-assisted psychedelic therapy, in to help patients/families overcome their most difficult challenges and achieve their greatest goals to lead their most joyful, fulfilling lives.

Rather than continuing to struggle alone at school, work, home, or social situations, come to Enhance Psych and receive the finest care, with maximal support and advocacy, so you can make positive transformations toward feeling and performing your best, enhanced self-awareness, healthier body, improved relationships, and The happiness of pursuit toward progress, and the joy of becoming your best self.

I built Enhance Psych with the vision of creating the kind of integrative psychiatric practice I would want for myself and my family—one that embodies excellence and offers the highest quality, evidence-based, cutting-edge and holistic, comprehensive care, customized to each unique individual and family.

We serve individuals of all ages—from children and teens to executives and athletes—addressing a wide range of mental, emotional, and behavioral health challenges, while empowering them to achieve their treatment and life goals.

While we excel in medication management to optimize outcomes for even the most complex cases, we go well beyond such conventional treatments, emphasizing a holistic approach that encompasses lifestyle guidance, a range of diverse therapies, and educational resources to help guide our patients to achieve optimal mental health/fitness and life fulfillment.

Enhance Psych’s unwavering dedication to the well-being of our Jacksonville community by providing exceptional care is evident in the practice’s recognition as Best in Jacksonville Beaches for Psychiatry for four consecutive years, a prestigious title reflected not only by accolades, but also by numerous glowing reviews from satisfied patients and families.

This commitment to patient-centric, innovative, and holistic care extends further through Enhance Psych Network (EPN), aiming to revolutionize mental health care at scale to provide the best care to the most people globally.

EPN bridges the gap between prescribers and therapists, cultivating seamless collaboration within the mental health community.

At the forefront of psychiatry’s transformative future, Enhance Psych pioneers a groundbreaking Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy process, poised to become the gold-standard method for fostering true healing of depression, anxiety, addictions, and pain disorders.

By delving deep into the root causes of these mental health challenges for the individual, our innovative process offers increased clarity, creativity, and connection, facilitating lasting revitalization and breakthrough metamorphosis within each individual’s psyche.

Enhance Psych and EPN are trailblazers in advancing the integration of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies, demystifying and destigmatizing these treatments, while ensuring appropriate medical oversight and therapeutic facilitation.

We seek to make these elegant therapies more widely adopted as mainstream psychiatry, supported by undeniable evidence of their efficacy, to ultimately help produce the best possible mental health outcomes for the world. We are steadfastly committed to revolutionizing mental health care by shaping a future in which treatment transcends symptom suppression, into guiding patient and families on an enhanced therapeutic journey towards true healing and universal thriving.

All the Best Always, let’s work together to feel the joy and achieve the happiness of pursuit toward our best selves today!

Dr. Raj

At Enhance Psych, you will recieve the finest care.
Raj Loungani, MD, MPH, FAPA specializes in psychiatry and sub-specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry.
Christina Ralko, CPNP, APRN, specializes in pediatric and young adults psychiatry.

At Enhance Psych, you will receive the finest care.

About the Doctor

Physician Profile

Raj Loungani, MD, MPH, FAPA is Double Board-Certified, as he specializes in Psychiatry and sub-specializes in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, with a mission to serve children, teenagers, adults and families by providing psychiatric care that is experienced, compassionate, individualized, holistic (i.e. utilizing an integrative biological-psychological/spiritual-social approach) and effective, and through a combination of medication management and customized psychotherapies, including an innovative ketamine-assisted psychedelic therapy process, helps his patients and their families not only diminish emotional, thought, and behavioral difficulties, but to achieve maximal well-being, true healing, and thriving.

Dr. Raj’s areas of expertise include management of:
  • Anxiety, depression, and bipolar spectrum
  • ADHD and behavioral disorders
  • Sleep-wake disorders
  • LGBTQI/Gender identity issues
  • Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychosis disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Mindfulness and mental training for maximizing performance (i.e. sports psychiatry, executive/leadership and life coaching)


Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Board Certified: American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology


Board Certified: American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Education & Training

Doctor of Medicine

University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, FL

2006 – 2008

Doctor of Medicine

St. Matthews University School of Medicine, Grand Cayman/Orlando, FL

2009 – 2012


State University of New York-Downstate, Brooklyn, NY

2012 – 2016


Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

2016 – 2018

Practice Affiliations

  • Dr. Raj administers sublingual ketamine and performs Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for treatment-resistant depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance use disorders, chronic pain, etc.
  • Patients can additionally receive access to Mindbloom’s integration coaching, guided groups (community fellowship/connection) and digital content (app). If you want to learn more about Mindbloom, please visit
  • In synergy with Dr. Raj’s Ketamine-Assisted Therapy and other treatment at  EnhancePsych for complex mental health conditions, Jasmine Advanced Bodywork  & Healing Center complements our approach with Neuromuscular Massage and  Body Psychotherapy. These therapies provide notable relief for anxiety, mood  disorders, and physical discomfort. Please visit their  website:
  • Mirroring the integrative care of Enhance Psych, neuromuscular  therapists Chad, Sheila, and their most skilled team at Jasmine Advanced Bodywork apply holistic techniques like therapeutic touch and breath work. These methods turn down the  sympathetic “fight or flight” stress response, while activating the parasympathetic  “rest and digest” relaxation system, enriching our comprehensive mental and  physical health solutions for optimal performance and well-being.

Ages Treated

Children (3 and up)


Adults of All Ages

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Happyness of Pursuit with Dr. Raj Podcast (Spotify)

Happyness of Pursuit with Dr. Raj Podcast (YouTube)

Welcome to ‘Happyness of Pursuit with Dr. Raj’— an Army veteran, psychiatrist, founder, and creator of the PEACE Process, a psychedelic-assisted therapy method that heals trauma and optimizes well-being. HOP dives into the latest science and innovations in psychiatry, in search of better treatments for a healthier future. Each episode offers actionable insights and wisdom to master mental health and fitness, fuel continual progress, and experience the joy of becoming your best self. Embrace life’s challenges as opportunities for growth with Dr. Raj, and embark on your journey to maximal life fulfillment.

From the Doctor

I fell in love with Northern Florida while attending medical school at the University of Florida in Gainesville, and after completing my psychiatry residency and child & adolescent psychiatry fellowship training felt compelled to move back to the region in its urban center of Jacksonville and the beautiful Beaches throughout the rapidly growing Northeast Florida region to serve the children, teenagers, adults and families of this wonderful area. My wife, kiddos, and puppies share a love of the outdoors, and we enjoy our leisure time by playing at the park, beach, zoo, and gyms, exploring new restaurants, attending Jags games, and giving back to the community through volunteering in coaching youth sports to community service for charitable organizations such as AngelAID and Habijax.

As a psychiatrist who manages a broad spectrum of mental/behavioral health conditions for patients of all ages, my philosophy of care entails providing the highest quality, evidence-based, individualized care possible, tailored to each of my patients and his/her families. I am excited to work with children, teens, adults and families in developing self-awareness and wellness, while making positive transformations to lead their most healthy, fulfilling lives. I enjoy integrating medication management and psychotherapy services, including ketamine-assisted psychedelic therapy, in designing a treatment plan that considers the patient holistically to help my patients and their families overcome their most difficult challenges, process and cure their past traumas, and achieve their greatest treatment and life goals with maximal support. I am dedicated to providing the finest care imaginable and advocating for the best interest of my patients and their families always.

Christina Ralko, PSYCH NP PROFILE

Christina Ralko, CPNP, APRN is a distinguished board-certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with an extensive nine-year background in primary care pediatrics, adolescent care, and psychiatric mental health. Driven by a profound commitment to enhancing children’s lives and uplifting communities, Christina excels in engaging young patients in their healthcare journey. She is an ardent advocate of family-centered care, ensuring that excellence and compassion are the hallmarks of her practice.

In the realm of mental health, Christina recognizes the transformative power of integrating psychotherapy with medication management, a holistic approach that she believes markedly elevates patient outcomes. Adept in the nuances of medication management, Christina offers a secure and nurturing environment for introspection and self-discovery during her sessions. She champions the concept of self-insight, guiding patients to unearth intrinsic solutions to life’s challenges through the thoughtful reflection of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Christina’s practice is anchored in a collaborative spirit, where therapy modalities and medication interventions are tailored through a shared decision-making process. She values the significance of continuity in care and is committed to being a consistent source of support, guidance, and empathy. Recognizing the inherent potential in each individual, Christina’s approach is encapsulated in her reassuring motto: “Together, we will navigate through this.”

Christina’s expertise extends to serving a diverse demographic, including children, adolescents, and young adults, with a keen focus on ADHD/ADD, anxiety, and depression disorders. Her services encompass comprehensive prescription and medication management, ensuring a holistic and personalized care experience for every patient.