Jacksonville Psychiatric Services

Psychotropic Medication Management

Dr. Raj safely and appropriately prescribes and manages psychotropic medications in collaboration with his patients/families after thoughtfully weighing risks vs. benefits. These meds are an effective, often essential, part of relieving suffering and treating debilitating symptoms for numerous mental health conditions (e.g. ADHD, anxiety, depression/bipolar disorder, sleep problems, etc), allowing individuals to optimize their neurochemistry, benefit maximally from therapy, and feel and perform better all-around.

Integrative Psychotherapies

Integrative PsychotherapyDr. Raj provides various forms of evidence-based therapy to individuals, couples, or families to help them resolve and gain control of troublesome behaviors, thoughts, or emotions, and improve their coping skills, relationships, and ultimately maximize their well-being and level of functioning.

Group Therapy (Young Adults/Social Skills for Autism Spectrum)

Dr. Raj provides expert facilitation and guidance for several groups, including for children, adolescents, teens, young adults, and for those on the autism spectrum, as well as sports/arts peak performance groups, which provide a safe space for learning and practicing evidence-based strategies targeting the group members’ primary challenges, while being exposed to new ideas and perspectives, and developing social skills with the support of a cohesive group.

Mindfulness and Mental Training

Dr. Raj provides expert guidance to help enhance attention to present-moment experience, engender self-compassion and empathy toward others, improve mood regulation, concentration, and well-being, and achieve peak performance in sports, arts, school or work.

Individual/Couples/Family services

  • $549.99 for 90 minute Psychiatric Evaluation/Assessment
  • $449.99 for 75 minute follow-up Psychotherapy + Medication Management
  • $349.99 for 50 minute follow-up Psychotherapy + Medication Management
  • $249.99 for 25 minute follow-up Medication Management + Brief Therapy
  • $50.00 add-on for additional 10-15 minute increments (with up-coding on the billing code for additional out-of-network reimbursement)
  • Additional competitive prices may apply for forms, phone calls, e-mails, snail mail, prescriptions, and other patient care services out of session.


  • 12 Groups: $959.88 ($79.99/Session)
  • 6 Groups: $539.94 ($89.99/Session)
  • 1 Group: $99.99