Testimonials by Patients/Families

"I just started seeing Dr. Raj. I was referred to him by someone he had also helped. Dr. Raj spent a couple of hours with me on our first visit. He was so easy to talk to and I felt comfortable being open with him. He is very understanding and caring. We discussed options to address my challenges. He recommended several non- RX things for me to try that I appreciated. I feel so much better and more optimistic for my future thanks to Dr. Raj!"
J P.
"Raj Loungani is the best psych I’ve ever dealt with. He genuinely cares for his patients and gets to know you. I highly recommended him if you want to get the best care from your doctor. Very easy to talk to, you can tell he truly wants the best for his patients. I can’t thank him enough for how much he has helped me!"
"After going to many psychiatrists and counselors on and off throughout my life, I have had some okay and some very horrible experiences…to say the least…and I’ve seen others go through the same.. IYKYK Dr. Raj and the entire Enhance Psych team are THE BEST! Cutting edge treatments and plans…They treat you like a PERSON..they CARE about you as an individual and what YOU want..they LISTEN, they truly want you to be the best version of yourself…which is very hard to find, sadly, in medicine nowadays…they don't just make you check off boxes, diagnose you, and throw medicine at you unless you want or need it and it’s right for you...it’s not just that…the process is more complex and detailed than that, because they understand WE are more complex than a piece of paper…they give you the tools to help you along your journey so you can help yourself!! I could go on and on but if you value your mind, and brain, and mental health, this is who you need to see…don’t waste your time going to people who don’t know what they are doing.. they are just the best!"
"In these days of managed care and indifferent healthcare, Dr. Raj provides a warm, friendly and knowledgeable alternative. He spent the time necessary to get to know me and my story and was able to help me immensely in getting my emotions and my life back on track. I will forever be in his debt. He may literally have saved my life. Dr. Raj epitomizes all that is good in the fields of medicine and psychiatry."
Matt M.
"I am nearly without the words to say just how grateful I am to be working with Dr. Raj! He is amazing! He makes you feel very special and very heard. He takes the time and listens. He has a special way of encouraging me but yet challenging me to see my problems a little differently. Then they aren’t nearly as big as they seemed. He gives me hope and makes me smile but never loses his professional touch. He connects. That’s why more than anything I can say I trust him. What’s more important than that? I’m so much better today and I can’t thank Dr. Raj enough! If you need him, he will be there! He certainly was there for me."
Damon B.
"I've had an excellent experience with Dr. Raj! He's very personable and knowledgeable. He’s gone out of his way to make me comfortable and you can tell he really cares about his clients. On top of that he’s efficient, attentive and great at communicating. I would recommend him to anyone!"
Julia W.
"Dr Raj is an excellent clinician and person. His office staff and culture is one of caring and efficiency. He was able to accommodate me and offered a variety of appointment dates and times within a short time frame, both in person or via FaceTime/Zoom. We were able to establish an immediate therapeutic rapport and felt well cared for by a caring and compassionate professional. He is unique in his ability to provide excellent professional care and at the same time feeling better about the given situation and look forward to future therapeutic sessions. I highly recommend Dr Raj."
R P.
"Dr.Raj has been absolutely amazing! It’s so hard finding a good psychiatrist and he’s one of them. When I needed my medications changed he was able to get me in quickly and was able to figure out the best medications for me. He listens to your concerns and is very knowledgeable. He takes everything into consideration before coming up with a plan for medication. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to make changes to my medication. If you’re looking for a good psychiatrist I highly recommend you go to him!"
Meagan S.
"I reached out by email and the office got back to me in a very timely manner. The email was informative and through word choice I knew I picked the correct place. I will be scheduling soon!"
Tiffani G.
"Dr. Raj equals hope. Our family is dealing with very serious mental health issues, and Dr. Raj is very attentive to our needs. Sunday evening at 8 is not too much for him, and he has suggested cutting edge therapies as solutions. We know that our case is complex, but we are confident that Dr. Raj is up to the challenge. After many disappointments with other mental health professionals, we couldn’t be happier with our choice."
Janet S.
"Dr. Raj has done his job on me together. I went through difficult times and Dr.Raj listened and acknowledged that we are successful with my path to recovery and I am so grateful to be alive. Costa Rica here I come........"
Richard B.
"Dr. Raj has been my doctor for 5 years. Throughout those 5 years I’ve continued to improve mentally, physically, and emotionally. Recently I received ketamine as a treatment for my bipolar/Cptsd. Dr. Raj’s concentrated attention made sure I was safe, seen, and heard during the treatment and afterwards. I had a previous ketamine treatment (I use treatment loosely) and it was a terrible experience. Dr. Raj changed my opinion with the great term and outcome I’ve experienced in a short amount of time. I highly recommend Dr. Raj to anyone struggling with mental health issues. He’s really the best."
Melissa L.
"Hard to explain why, but I immediately felt at ease with Dr Raj and our time together was quite beneficial. I learned that my anexity was mild and rather common and many other insights that were very helpful and therapeutic. He gave me some tools and a few exercises to help improve my self-awareness and coping skills snd honestly just learning about them seemed to give me comfort. He is a fine Dr and clearly focused on the health and well being of his patients."
Matt M.
"Dr. Loungani has been a God send. He is the first Doctor/therapist that has treated me with the respect and dignity that everyone deserves but is hard to come by in the mental health realm. He listens to my concerns and takes all history and information in to consideration when treating patients. Very thankful for Dr. Raj and his team!!"
Chloe R.
"This gentle, brilliant doctor spent 4 (FOUR!) hours for my initial assessment. Ryan and Dr. Rajiv Loungani accommodated a quick appointment as I was eager to have treatment. (Other docs couldn’t open their calendars for months). From his quick provision of behavioral changes and recommended readings and apps, I could see that he’d really listened to my life experiences and what might require further investigation. He didn’t merely call in some Rxs. He actually heard, processed and analyzed my unique situation. I am so grateful that I found Enhance Psych and excited to observe my progress. Thank you, thank you!"
Bean R.
"Great Dr. very easy to talk to and is very good at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone."
Leo M.
"I highly recommend Dr.Raj. He was exceptional at making me feel comfortable, understood and accepted. He is warm, welcoming and non judgemental which can be difficult to find in a psychiatrist. He was beyond efficient in my diagnosis and treatment and even followed up with a plethora of resources for me in his free time."
Raven J.
"Dr. Raj is very knowledgeable, he listens, he cares, treats my son and us with respect. He wants to help make a difference in our lives. Dr. Raj and Ryan’s response times, by text and email is exceptional, they know that communication with patients are very important. Also, they were very accommodating with scheduling. We’re happy we found an excellent doctor for my son who is there when you need their help. Wish all doctors are like him."
Joy B.
"Dr. Raj was kind enough to see me last minute in his office at a time when I really needed someone. Having a background in western medicine myself, I am hesitant about how medicine is practiced today. However, Dr. Raj immediately put my concerns and my mind at ease. He spent a significant amount of time listening and asking questions. I truly felt seen and heard. Not as a patient but as a human being. I can't express in words how thankful I am for meeting Dr. Raj and his comprehensive approach to mental health. His energy is so kind and compassionate it actually overwhelmed me in a beautiful way. He is highly intelligent, thoughtful, caring, and extremely passionate about what he does. I believe he is truly on a mission to heal his patients and not just put band aids on symptoms. For the first time in a LONG time, I left his office with a sense of hope and comfort that I had found someone to guide me on my path towards living a vital, brighter, healed, and hopeful life. Thank you Dr. Raj for all you do and for giving me a glimpse of light in the darkness. I'm eternally grateful."
Brian S.
"I recently had my first appointment with Kristen. When I called they made me feel like I was a priority and got me in to see someone as soon a possible. She makes it easy to talk about yourself and see things in a better way. After 1 appointment I already feel so much better about the situation I am in."
Marshal S.