Ketamine-assisted psychedelic therapy (KAP)

Intramuscular (IM) or Sublingual troche (“tro-kee”)

We’re offering a short stint (1-6 weeks) of in-person intramuscular (IM) or virtual sublingual ketamine therapy as an acute accelerated therapy to go well beyond improving symptoms towards bringing about true healing and thriving from depression, anxiety/PTSD, addictions and pain.

We will be able to do ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) during these sessions, and to have synergy with other trauma-based therapies to reduce the fight-or-flight response and process, metabolize and heal the traumas fully.

We believe in combining the best trauma therapies and principles into the KAP method to see what works best for you as an individual.

So with IM or sublingual ketamine therapy, we would complete up to six sessions spread out once every week or so, and then do integration the next day to process.

We have prepared a nice in-office set/setting KAP room. You will receive two IM doses of Ketamine 30 minutes apart, with processing before each dose wears off, and at the end of both doses.

Alternatively, for virtual KAP, the processing will take place after sublingual absorption of the Ketamine trochee, which typically has an effect that peaks after 30-45 minutes and wears off by 1 hour after taking the medication.

The ketamine itself may reduce the depression, anxiety, addiction and pain symptoms you have been having, along with increased neuroplasticity (brain cell regeneration), learning, empathy and feelings of love/connection.


$599.99 for 1 week, $999.99 for 2 weeks, $1799.99 for 4 weeks, or $2499.99 for 6-week protocol


Six one-hour sessions spread out every 7-10 days, with an integration session the next day after treatment.

As your symptoms improve, we may well be able to lower your psychotropic medications as we move forward. 


At the end of six sessions, some with severe treatment-resistant depression or anxiety may want a maintenance session after 4 weeks to help keep them at their best. For most people, we can reassess after 6 months to a year for a tune-up therapy to reap the therapy-catalyzing benefits of KAP after some time away from it.


Day One Journal: Private Diary

My favorite journal with a nice platform for therapy – can be used with any device or web-based version from their site.

Or, if you prefer, I will give you a written journal to write in for integration therapy.

Some example shadow work journal prompts:

Next steps:

If you’re interested, would sometime over the next few weeks work well to start?

For initial dosing purposes, what’s your current weight please?

If you decide to schedule, let’s please set it up with a massage, yoga, beach/boating, hiking, or something relaxing for you that evokes positive vibes in the day after, as the first 24-72 hours after each session can make for even better results if you have “positive inputs” due to the mind being so highly perceptive to environmental inputs during that time.

Thanks so much, all the best!

Dr. Raj

Evidence Base Resources:

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