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Providing psychiatric care for families and children of Ponte Vedra Beach, Greater Jacksonville and Beyond

If you or your child is not living your best, most joyful life, Dr. Raj Loungani at Enhance Psych can work with you to maximize your happiness, performance, and quality of life. Rather than continuing to struggle alone at home, school, work, or social situations, come to Enhance Psych and receive the finest care, with Dr. Raj providing maximal support and advocating for your and your family’s best interest, so you can overcome your most difficult challenges and make positive transformations toward leading your most joyful, fulfilling life. You’ll grow to think, perform, and feel your best, with enhanced energy and self-awareness, a healthier body and peace of mind, improved interactions and relationships all-around, and the joy of becoming your absolute best self.

Meet Raj Loungani, MD, MPH, FAPA

Double Board-Certified
Child/Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

Dr. Raj Loungani is board-certified in both his specialty of general psychiatry and sub-specialty of child & adolescent psychiatry, with a mission to serve children, teens, adults, and families by providing the highest quality evidence-based psychiatric care that is experienced, compassionate, individualized, and holistic (i.e. utilizing an integrative biological-psychological/spiritual-social approach), through a combination of medication management and customized psychotherapy to help patients and families diminish emotional, thought, and behavior difficulties and achieve their greatest goals and maximal well-being.

What Our Patients Are Saying
"Dr. Raj is so personable. I liked him immediately. He is beyond knowledgeable. He goes above and beyond to help. He is great to work with."
Cortney Ferina
What Our Patients Are Saying
"Dr. Loungani is the first Dr. to actually care about me and my struggles. He took the time to listen and make an effort to help. I strongly recommend anyone that wants a doctor that truly cares go see Dr. Loungani you will not be disappointed!"
Robert Hawkins
What Our Patients Are Saying
"Patient, compassionate, dedicated. Sent over so many resources after the appointment. My teen daughter felt very at ease speaking with Dr.Raj"
Tori Price
What Our Patients Are Saying
"Dr. Raj literally changes my whole life in just a few visits. Not only is he available by text, which is such a relief when my anxiety is high but Ryan also helped me adjust to everything I needed and didn’t judge at all. Beyond grateful for this new journey to wellness !! If you’re feeling like you need a major change, in your perspective and mental health, contact this group."
Jasmine Earls
What Our Patients Are Saying
"Dr L is amazing! He is very well versed in psychopharmacology, however he takes in the whole mind & body! He does a lot more than prescribe medicine; he promotes and fosters healing."
Amanda Perschau
What Our Patients Are Saying
"Dr. Raj Loungani is a wonderful doctor and he has helped me more than any psych doctor ever has. I am very thankful for that. "
Jess Allen
What Our Patients Are Saying
"Dr. Raj is always professional and truly understands what his patient’s needs are. I am grateful to have him as my doctor."
Monica L.
What Our Patients Are Saying
"I highly recommend Dr. Raj Loungani to anyone who is looking to improve their life. He is truly concerned about improving his patients’ well-being. I feel like my life has improved drastically in all areas including my relationships and work life."
Brian S.
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